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The following site is a mirror of how we keep up with our digital lives?

Based on the principle that everyone needs to strengthen their presence online, we have developed the platform www.tomotrading.com to provide a mirror of where we are - and what we are doing. At the same time we give others the benefit of tapping into our knowledge base and experiences.

We provide a number of short courses and sessions, on such themes as placement in search engines, how to increase traffic, e-commerce and how one can strengthen their positions in search engines.

Our latest endevour is that we publish books in pdf- and epub formats.

In addition, we develop, produce, customize and deliver online stores and e-commerce solutions. Here we specialize in delivering solutions for a cleaner water.

Our sessions and "intro" course is for those who wish to enhance their skills, sell online, or to empower themselves to new tasks. Here we can assist. To keep pace, leveraging tekologien, open new markets and finding new ways of doing things, the Internet has become the key.

Keep abreast your e-development:
We can develop, tailor and sell internet stores. We upgrade your presence on the net. We run courses, work shops and seminars on topics such as e-Commerce, Internet Stores, Optimizing Search Engines, Useability, and Internet Marketing.

Our network includes our own Programming House in Lima, Peru and has Norwegian management.

Among those who have chosen osCommerce for their store, we find Google - at www.google-store.com . Good enough for Google - Good enough for you?

Since 1998
We started our internet presence as early as 1998. This allows us to provide the framework and tools for developing our sites. We can deliver turn-key solutions, provide support and upgrading. As your business grows, we can provide supplementary modules.

Courses and seminars
Seminars, work shops and courses rest on our experience with web solutions, e-commerce, internet stores, Search Engine Optimiztion and Internet Marketing.

Below are some of the literature which has helped us on our way, All available on Amazon.co.uk for quick delivery.

You can choose
a combination of topics for your course, seminar or workshop. Sessions can be run on the internet, with the aid of e-mail and Skype or lokally. Orders and booking are taken in our internet store.

in Google
Search engine
Anatomy of
internet stores

Buy Now your own nettshop?
- fully operational, with shopping cart and payment modules:
.: Norwegian module :
Buy your own standard osCommerce format, with individual adaptation. Contains shopping cart, payment modules PayPal, e-invoice + eight categories and twenty four products priced and installed. Two hours support + e-mails. Your own Webhotel, MySQL database and installed on an Apache server.
Linked to your present site. Tested and operational.

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