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In all work with our internet pages, we have made ​​extensive use of Photoshop as well as film. When we are weak for Adobe plague graphical cross-section is the Adobe Premiere we use for movies and has done no work on Adobe After Effects.

The availability of video camera is widespread and transfers to a program for making web pages are relatively simple. In our work we use Adobe GoLive - which should be upgraded to Adobe DreamWeaver - but we have not taken the plunge (2012)

If we are to work with the film, Sorensen Squeeze is one of the programs that must be addressed. This allows one to format the film so that it can be read by browsers such as QuickTime.

Have you taken a first step in the production of film for the web - YouTube is an undet website for marketing. However, competition for attention is fierce - but YouTube is owned by Google, so that the films end up in the search engine.

• In the "Intro" course - increasing your skills
• The more you know - the greater joy
• More and greater use on your laptop

Learn to use several types of software.
• Picture manipulation, Film and / or WebDesign.
• Edit photos - on your laptop.
• Build website - on your laptop.
• Create Movie - Web - the 2-3-4 - on your laptop
• Prerequisites - "Familiar with their own laptops."
• Confidential with the use of mouse and keyboard. -
• Duration: 2 x 8 hours - two days - or 4 nights.
The target group:
"Intro" course provides an introduction to a subject and enables you to develop yourself further. The target group is everybody who wants to further develop their skills. Both private individuals that businesses have a need. The technology is so AVAILABLE, and user-friendly, these are tools that are just waiting to be exploited to the fullest.

For businesses, it is necessary to enhance their product presentations and to build confidence in the market. Film is a powerful tool.

You can achieve increased opportunities to engage your website on a more competitive way - in today's market place.

For private individuals:
- It may be necessary to process PG edit stories, events, ideas or projects to make them more accessible.

You can take your experience further, possibly to share them on YouTube, Facebook, or through other social networks.

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