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Google tools - key to placement in search engines:
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Google Tools "Up and about with Google" - an overview of three tools that Google offers to help with that you have improved your rengering in the organic lists. The tools are free, and some of the tools used in keyword optimization.
Th.• Webmaster Tools,
.....• Google Analytics
.....• Website Optimizer.
which are all available in our presentations.
Topics for seminars:. QuickTime: Spilletid 3 min 20 sek.
- Theme 1: Overview over Googles set of tools..- 20 miuutter.. - Sesjon..
• Overview over Google's tool box, with Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google Optimizer and Google AdWords and Google AdSense - and what the combined tools used. Straightforward introduction.
- Theme 2: Google Wabmaster Tools..- 20 minutes. ........ .... .....
• Tools Which that among other things allows you to find errors and defects in your internet pages. If you have broken links or links to pages that do not exist, you will be informed. Do you want to expose your pages in other countries, here is the option.
- Theme 3: Google Analytics - 20 minutes
• This is Google's "Who - What - Where". Who has visited your pages - and when. Where they came from and how long they were there. What products were they looked at? and which were the most interesting. Where your visitors stayed, jumped ... and disappeared?
- Theme 4: Google Website Optimizer - 20 minutes
• Here, Google gives you a tool that allows you to evaluate how your visitors react to your pages so you can change and improve the content, layout and experience aspects of the visitor's point of view.
- Theme 5: Google Adwords:: 20 minutter
• AdWords is Google's ad tools. Here you select the set of words and concepts as they best describe your site, products, information and purpose of the page. You can also segment the geographical views. Where will you be seen - and against what target? -
- Theme 6: Google AdSense:: 20 minutter
• AdSense is a variation of Google's ad tools. Here you can add other companies their ads on your pages - and each time you refer mpttar your payment. The ads come in a simple set of formats and are easy to install.
- Theme 7: How to optimilize yourself in Google - 20 miuutter
. • There are certain things Google does, and other things Google does not allow. Here are the rules - what you can - and can not do. In addition, you get tips on ways of doing things - that will enhance your exposure in Google's organic search engines.

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