Welcome to Tomo Trading, parent company to a series of internet stores. This site is owned and run by Tomo Trading, Fosseveien 8-12, 1792 Tistedal - Halden - Norway. You can contact us on
mobil (+47) 416 73 666. Our VAT number is: - 919375108 - mva.

Our policies on pricing, warenties, etc. follow Norwegian consumer laws and regulations. The Purchase laws with provisions for money back waranties, apply to all products.
- Money back waranties do however not apply to normal wear and tear, faaulty DIY assembly or mistakes carried out by buyer through installation or tampering with the mechanics or software construction of the product.
- Wares returned after the waranty date has expired, or through agreement of exchange, must be returned in their original packaging and with all parts. Return within the 14 days regret shall be post stamped within the 15th day.
- Products which have been installed or used are deemed as used.

Tomo Trading does not compile of store sensitive information. All other client information is treated as confidential with exception of such informations need to complete a transaction. Tomo Trading lagrer ikke fortrolig informasjon. Tomo Trading will remain sole owner of said information and not be shared with a 3rd party.

We assimilate those informations which relate to you as a client and is confined to name, e-mail, adress, password in addition to which wares you have purchased, when, and at which price.

PAt no point in time will Tomo Trading or any of its e-commerce sites have access to your credit cards, bank accounts or oher such information. The use of such information is confined to banks or to PayPal which all have secure sites for such transactions.

DIf you choose to pay by credit card online, you will access a system of secure payment, (SSL - Secure Socket Layers Encription). Here SSL will assign a code to all information between you and their server which will make it illedgable to any third party. This will be confirmed by the prefix on you browser which changes to https://xxxx. SSL is the banking communities standard for handling secure information across the net. Our secure payment system for credit cards is PayPal.

While visiting or one of its stores you accept that all information on the pages, as well as illustrations, pictures, logoes ete, which are not owned by others, are the property of Tomo Trading and are liable to Norwegian and international copyright laws.

Prices depicted on our sites are competitive. We reserve the right to change them without prior warning. Each order which is placed through our internet stores is dependent on availabliity, and Tomo Trading reserves the right to cancel any order at any time.

All claima against Tomo Trading shall executed in Bergen township. Tomo Trading shall be held exempt from being sued due to neglegence on the part of the client. The same goes for consequences of use of the product or lack of information in pricing, etc.
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