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What we do - and what we can do for you:
As part of Tomo Tradings presentation of its e-commerce activity, we also offer presentations on how we do what we do in order to position ourselvs on the internet.

Our focus is on the Google search engine and positioning ourselves in the organic search results for our sites. Google provides webmasters with three tools, all which adress your options.

They are ´"Webmaster Tools" which can give maximum exposure, "Google Analytics" which allows for greater insigit into the who - where - and when of your visitors. Lastly they provide a "Website Optimizer" whoch allows one to identify improvements in functionality.

.............................................se-Conferences & sssions of 20 minutes
................... Put together your own program - focus on challenges in web search:

- It's all about being found - using online marketing through optimization in search engines.
- It provides a range of tools that allows you to claim you - and most are free.
- It opens up a whole range of possibilities for today's Web 1.0 and the new social web - Web 2.0 -
- Both of these are covered by the conference - with practical examples from real life.

• What you get back - is an overview of the breadth of possibilities.
• You will be able to make new demands on yourself and your web developers.
• You will be able to formulate your priorities in a new and more effective way -
• You will be able to save big money on branding and marketing.

- We draw on our experience with the operation of online stores.

Covering three highly topical theme:
• Optimized for Google
• Google's toolbox
• Web 2.0 Trends and Tools

We have chosen to focus on Google - as they have over 75% market share in search. They are leading and most local search engines are "Powered by Google", and uses Google's drivers.

You will gain increased opportunities to run your website on a more competitive way - in today's market place.

An option for compact trade fairs:
You get to meet suppliers who can assist with the integration of the different tools in your web pages.

In addition, exhibitors present themselves and their products in the post during the conference.

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